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Do you want to convert your html files into PDF? Html to PDF is the batch html to pdf conversion utility you want. It takes html file or remote webpage as input, load the html content into standard browser, render the html content into a standard PDF file. It can be used on multiple OS platform like linux and Windows.

Html file is commonly used on web to deliver content to web users. But it needs to be rendered by web browsers. Different web browser might render html into different result. To make it consistent on different computers, converting html to pdf is a good idea. PDF document now is also widely adopted document standard. So if you want to convert html to pdf with the state of art web rendering engines, you can choose ultrashareware's html to pdf tool.

Html file may be widely used in companies to generate the invoice or reporting information as well. Html file may contains link to images. If you want to keep the html content, you normally need to save both the html file and the rich content like image used in that html file. But if you convert the html to pdf with our html to pdf tool, the image or text will be all saved into one single rich content document. So html to pdf makes it easily to save html document as well.

When you surf some wonderful website, you may want to save the web content. Html to pdf can easily help you do this. It can convert any url into a pdf document as well.

Key Benefits:

  • Convert html into PDF on the fly

With Html To PDF, it can convert your Html documents into Adobe PDF files easily. It can handle the complex webpages on the internet. And it supports the standard CSS stylesheet and javascript in html. It can be used to convert both the live webpages and local html files like invoice report into PDF.


Free download html to pdf now! We have built html2pdf for different platform. Please choose the platform you want.

Windows Version (Support Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008)
For windows version, note you need to have a postscript print driver installed. If you don't have a real printer, install our virtual image printer, then run html2pdf

32 bit Linux Version on Debian 5, CentOS 5, Ubuntu 7/8/9, Fedora 8 above
64 bit Linux Version on Debian 5, CentOS 5, Ubuntu 7/8/9, Fedora 8 above

Other versions:
32 bit Redhat Enperprise Linux 4 (Dependencies: GTK2.10 libraries), see FAQ below on how to use
32 bit Ubuntu Linux 7
64 bit Ubuntu Linux 7
32 bit Fedora Linux 4 (Dependencies: GTK2.10 libraries), see FAQ below on how to use
32 bit Fedora Linux 5
bit Fedora Linux 9
32 bit Suse Linux11

If you use other linux OS and the above files don't work for you, please email us to request a custom build for your linux version.

Buy Now. Get the registration code instantly. $299.95 For Single Server License.

If you want to integrate it in your application, contact us for details at sales@ultrashareware.com

  • Easy to use and flexible html to pdf configuration

You can use Html to pdf, you can convert html to pdf with a single command line. You can specify the margin, header and foot text on the PDF file.

  • Developer license available

For developers, Html to pdf can be integrated easily with your existing application. Since it is a command line utility, it can be easily into any programming languages like C++, ASP, .Net, C#, Java etc. So your application can have html to PDF feature at a lower cost. In this case, developer license is ready for you.

We also can provide html to pdf source code if you want to compile the tool yourself. Please contact us for the details about the html to pdf source code.

IF you still hesitate, download Html to pdf and try for free! Start to convert html to pdf on your desktop!

Highlight Features:

  • Fast and reliable html to PDF Converter
  • Convert html to pdf with the industry strength html render engine
  • Can be used to do batch converting html to PDF in programs
  • Easy to use PDF creator for all users
  • Support flexible control on the pdf margin, header/footer text.
  • Support both 32 and 64 bit platform
  • Support Windows platform with flash movie support
  • Support many linux distrubution like ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Redhat etc
  • Also support html to PS on linux platform
  • Convery any url into pdf
  • Support html to pdf on windows
  • Save the image in html files into pdf file as well
  • Support standard paper size




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html2pdf tool

System Requirements:

Windows version:

support Windows 2000 and above

Linux version:

Need GTK 2.10 above, X window is needed (Can use Xvfb for headless conversion)


You could get the online help on how to use html to pdf easily by running the command line.

html2pdf for Linux Version 2.0.2008.401
A command line utility that converts html to pdf.
Copyright © 2003-2008, Ultrashareware Software @ http://www.ultrashareware.com
html2pdf URL PdfFile [-h] [-t timeout]

-h print this help and exit
-t timeout set time out value in milliseconds
-d delaytime set time to delay after document is loaded
-a format set output format. 0 is pdf, 1 is ps
-e 0/1 print background image or not
-f 0/1 print background color or not
-g 0/1 print in color or not
-q 0/1 shrink to fit paper
-i marginBottom margin bottom in inches
-j marginTop margin top in inches
-k marginLeft margin left in inches
-l marginRight margin right in inches
-m leftfooter left footer string
-n rightfooter right footer string
-o leftheader left header string
-p righthead right header string
-r centerfooter center footer string
-s centerhead center header string
-w paper size 0-8 (letter, legal, executive, a5, a4, a3, a2, a1, a0)


html2pdf.exe www.google.com 1.pdf

html2pdf.exe -d 10000 -t 20000 www.google.com 1.pdf


How to install Html To PDF?
Installing Html to PDF is quite easy. Download the package, extract it to your local machine. Then you can play with the command line.


How to use Html To PDF on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4?
Html To PDF tool depends on GTK 2.10 above. Some linux OS doesn't have the up-to-date GTK libraries. We have provided custom built GTK 2.10 libraries for download. The step to use it are below:

1. Download GTK libraries. extract it to the root path

cd /

tar xvzf gtk2.10.RHEL4.x86.tar.gz

2. Then download html to pdf, extract to a folder like /root/html2pdf

3. Set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH like below to let html2pdf be able to find the GTK libraries

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/local/opt/lib

4. Then you should be able to run html2pdf



How to use Html To PDF with Xvfb?
Xvfb is a X server that can be run without a display. Html to PDF can run with Xvfb.

1. Start Xvfb

Xvfb :1 -screen 0 640x480x24 -nolisten tcp -audit 4 -auth X1.cfg & export DISPLAY=:1

2. Run html2pdf


License of Html To PDF?
Html To PDF is a shareware. You can try it for free, if you want to keep it, get the license from above purchase links.

Does it support Solaris SPARC ?
Html to PDF can be built on Solaris SPARC. Let us know if you need a solaris build.

Where to get support?
Please email to support@ultrashareware.com for any other help.


02/01/2011 New Year Release for 2011
05/1/2010 Standard paper size support like A4, A3 etc.
02/14/2010 Debian OS support.
3/2009 Bug fixes, more linux platform support
8/2008 Initial release