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If you are doing development with outlook object model, you may have seen the message box with message like this “a program is trying to access e-mail addresses you have stored in Outlook”. The dialog requires to click the button on the dialog manually. This is very annoying when what you need to do is to make an automatic mail with outlook.

The reason behind it is that outlook has secured its object model in order to avoid malware to use outlook to send emails. For example, when you want to access the email address field of mail item, it may pop up  the dialog below:

address warning

When you want to send email with mail item Send method, it will show the dialog as below:

send email

All these dialog will make automation on outlook impossible because the dialog needs human operation. So is there a programatically way to skip these dialog in your automation program?

Now it is easy to disable the warnings with our Outlook Security Component. It is an ActiveX component which means  you can drop it easiy to your VB, Delphi or .Net application, then you should be able to use outlook by pass the annoying security warnings.

Key Benefits:

  • Disable outlook security warnings or alerts easily

Outlook Security Component can remove outlook security warning on multiple version of outlook automatically. You don't need to click  the button of the warning dialog for your automation program for outlook. The component can support both outlook 2003 and 2007. In future, we will make it support Outlook 2010 as well.
If you want to send email in batch with outlook, Outlook Security Component is what you need.

Free download Outlook Security Component now!

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  • Developer license available

For developers, outlook security can be integrated easily with your existing application.It is an ActiveX component, and it can be easily into any programming languages like C++, ASP, .Net, C#, Java etc. 

We also can provide outlook security source code if you want to compile the tool yourself. Please contact us for the details about the outlook security source code.

IF you still hesitate, download outlook security component and try for free!

'You can see how easy it is to use outlook security component in vbscript below:

Set mgr = CreateObject("OutlookSecurity.Manager")
mgr.DisableWarnings 1
SendMailOutlook "admin@ultrashareware.com", "test subject", "test body", "noreply@ultrashareware.com"
mgr.DisableWarnings 0
set mgr = Nothing

Highlight Features:

  • Disable outlook security warnings or alerts programtically
  • You can control disable or enable warnings or alerts with simple method call.
  • Support both 32 and 64 bit platform
  • Support Outlook 2003 and 2007 
  • Source code license available
  • Demos are available including C#, VB Script.




disable outlook security warning or alerts with program

System Requirements:

Windows version:

support Windows 2000 and above, outlook 2003 or 2007


The following method are implemented by outlook security component.

DisableWarnings(LONG nDisable)

Description: this method is used to enable or disable the warning message  of outlook. If nDisable is 1, the warning dialog will be purged, or else, it will be shown and need user attention.

SetCode(String strCode)

Description: set license code to outlook security component.  the strCode is the license code, you will get it after purchasing.


How to install Outlook Security Component?
Installing Outlook Security is quite easy. Download the package, run the setup and you  can play with the demos

License of Outlook Security Component?
Outlook Security is a shareware. You can try it for free, if you want to keep it, get the license from above purchase links.

Where to get support?
Please email to support@ultrashareware.com for any other help.


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